Epic’s By Campfire In The Rockies


S’mores was bred by Karen & John Loving of Looking Glass Mastiffs.  I co-own S’mores with Lisa Armstrong of Epic Mastiffs (as her sire was used in the breeding).  This was her pick puppy back.  We are excited to see where this little girl goes in her career.  She is playful, fun, energetic and always wants to be by her humans.  She loves going to work with me and moreso loves hikes and swimming.  She was shown one time in the puppy 4-6 month class in Feb 2020 before all of the Covid-19 closures.  After wards, back in the ring winning her 5 point major.  It was a big surprise as she was an absolute maniac the first few rounds.  Very excited and wanting to play.  Silly girl, we just love her!

S’mores wins big in Ohio!  5 Point Major under Breeder Judge William E. Hempel!

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