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I’ve been involved in the animal industry for over 20 years and started with Mastiffs in 1997. I met my first family of mastiffs at a job I worked. One in particular was Tiny, a giant goof ball ~ it was instant love!

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 I met my first family of Mastiffs at a kennel I worked for. One in particular was Tiny, a giant goof ball ~ it was instant love! Sam, was older, stubborn and stoic. Then there was China, the fearful and timid one. So funny to have all those differences in one family! Nobody would dare approach the latter two, leave it to myself to make friends. We found a deeper respect for one another and I truly began to understand the inseparable love for this breed. My first mastiff, Greco’s Grand Kahlua was from a breeder who was very nice to me. I appreciated that since most were, at best, bitter for the interruption. I learned quickly about hip dysplasia and other breed related health concerns. Shortly after that, I started with another one for showing, Int. Am. Ch. Monumental Stonegait Scarlett. My mastiffs are part of the family and each have their own characteristics and personalities that will have you laughing and make your heart sing! Mastiffs are not for the hard handed owner, they are like delicate wall flowers and their feelings do get hurt easily. If you intend to care for and respect them, they will do just about anything to please you.

Artwork of Dogs

The original artwork of Kahlua and Scarlett was done by Roberta Manupella, a long time client of the kennel I ran back in the late 90’s. I treasure the artwork my friends have done for me. I have since commissioned several more, on display at home and at my grooming salon, The Poodle Shop. Please feel free to contact me regarding breeding plans, stud use or just general mastiff talk. I opened a second grooming salon called Urban Sophisticats in 2013, Colorado’s first feline exclusive grooming salon. Besides, what the lion is to the cat, the mastiff is to the dog.  That is when my love for Oriental Shorthairs began.