Magnum’s Voodoo You Think You Are


Voodoo is a repeat breeding of Arai to Sheldon.  The first litter did not produce any girls that survived, sadly.  Hence, Viggo.  Now, we have Voodoo and Story.  Story is co-owned by Celeste Guerrero at Liberty Mountain Mastiffs. I could not decide between the two girls and their future in the breeding gene pool was very important.

Voodoo is exceptionally wild.  She is active, alert, playful and extremely cuddly.  We often confuse her with Arai… as we confused Arai with Marbles.  The family resemblance is strong in these guys!  Voodoo had a scary experience at her first show, a regional entry.  She hasn’t shown much since then.  We decided best to let her mature and grow up.  Then, Covid hit and there have been minimal shows.  She should hopefully get back in the ring in 2021.  Her best friend is S’mores and a Jolly Ball.  Obsessed, more like it.  She has a bright future!

*UPDATE* Voodoo won a 5 pt major in Arizona!  We are thrilled she is starting to have fun showing!


See her sister, Story – at Liberty Mountain Mastiffs

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