Ch. Magnum’s Until I Found You


Marbles was truly one of my heart dogs.  She came after a devastating year for me.  That is why she got her name.  She was my pick pup from Moose x Peyton breeding at Mountain Peak Mastiffs.  Moose had just passed away and she was born.  The only fawn girl, later I took Jaxson as well.  I helped Ruthann with some of the costs of breeding… sometimes the best fix is 2 pups!  Peyton had 9 pups and Marbles and one of the other smallest in litter was raised on my afghan, Ginger.  Ginger was raising 7 pups of her own!

Marbles was only ever bred to Philip and produced some phenominal pups.  She was sweet, beautiful and playful.  I sure miss her!!  She is mother to Arai.  Arai is littermate to Cash. 

This silly girl finished quickly, very promising.  She was followed by many paparazzi at The Poodle Shop.  Definitely had a following there.  She passed away in 2019.  I miss her every day. 

Dam to America’s #1 Mastiff in 2018 & 2019.  Cash

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