Magnum’s Dark Side Of The Mountain


Boone is out of the Moose x Dolly breeding by Ruthann Snyder of Mountain Peak Mastiffs.  There were 4 pups and I was hoping for a brindle, hence Boone.  Or Boona-roo as we called him.  He had the temperment of a marshmallow.  There is in fact, such a thing.  He was happy to meet people and other animals.  He came to work often and loved his family.  When I got Jax back from an unpleasant situation, the two in tact boys were not co-mingling together well.  So, I asked a dear friend to take him for a while.  David Doubleday later told me I’d have to take him to court to get him back.  I laughed.  He was instantly sold on mastiffs.  Boone lived out his days on the mountains of Divide, CO and was one of the best boys.  He never completed showing and he wasn’t sad, it was definitely not for him.  We miss him dearly and of course, he was a huge part of David’s life as well as ours.