Rainbow Bridge

Greco’s Grand Kahlua


DOB 2/8/98

Kahlua is my first mastiff. She is the BOSS (aside from me). With her ability to love and nurture the puppies and even correct them when they have done wrong ~ I have really enjoyed owning her. She was only shown as a 6 month old puppy a few times. After finding out she had hip dysplasia, I spayed her and she has been living it up ever since.

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Ch. Monumental Stonegait Scarlett


DOB 9/26/98 – 5/4/07

Scarlett was my first champion, foundation of my lines and I miss her dearly.  She was the best friend anyone could ask for.  Scarlett LOVED the show ring, always prancing around like she owned the place!  I see a lot of Scarlett in Jersey.

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Magnum’s Take My Breath Away

146 copy

Jersey is a true replica of her mom, Scarlett.  She is brindle like her brother Boss.  There were only 3 pups in that litter, one died.  Jersey  has the personality and temperament anyone would love to see in a mastiff.  She did have an eye trauma at birth which never fully healed – so I only showed her a couple of times.  She was spayed and is my bunk buddy now.

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Caledonia’s Magnum Eclipse

Phoenix4 copyPhoenix was also one of my foundation bitches.  She was smaller but OH SO BEAUTIFUL!  She had fluid movement, scissors bite, nice topline, good angulation and stunning color.

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Magnum’s Gone Platinum

Magnum’s After The Sunset

Ch. Magnum’s Playing With Fire, CHIC


10.26.2004 – 7.13.2011

Moose was my first great stud dog and sire of many champions since.  He was co-owned with my friend, Tammy Moros.  At his prime, showing, he weighed 220 lbs.  His overall average weight, I’d guess was 195 lbs.  He had tremendous bone, wonderful movement, scissors bite, good angulation and a stunning front.  That beautiful front is often passed along to his offspring.  Moose finished in 4 shows with all majors.  He won Best Bred By Exhibitor at the Denver shows in 2005 at just over a year of age.  His offspring are proven in the ring and as parents.  They too exhibit bone, movement, bites and his tender disposition he shared with the humans in his life.  Frozen semen is available to approved bitches of merit.

Health Testing  //  Pedigree

Caledonia’s Conspiracy Theory


Magnum’s Crimson Tide

Ruby was such a sweetheart.  She was my keeper from Scarlett x Buddah breeding.  So pretty and agile.  She turned out to have some borderline hips so I spayed her.  She died recently from Addison’s Disease.  It was quite a shock and came on suddenly and took her life just as quick.  We all miss you Ruby!


Magnum’s Heavyweight Bout


7.10.05 – 6.2.06

 Dempsey was diagnosed with Wobbler’s Syndrome.  He was such a handsome boy.  We are not quite sure where this came from – but I firmly believe in honesty with in your breeding program.  Quite a few breeders do not fully disclose “problems” within a breed.  Please make sure to fully research lines when you are looking for a new dog.

His Majesty Magnum Strike


6.14.00 – 2001

Deacon was such a lovely boy.  He was tall and handsome!  He had great potential.  Unfortunately he suffered from severe patella luxation in both knees.  I sure miss him!!!